Are you Compliant with Employment Law?      



E-RAS has designed a specialised service specifically aimed at providing advice on all employment matters.

Our mission is to develop solutions, solve problems and to give our clients peace of mind. We guarantee to provide a service to employers that enable them to manage their workforce and labour requirements without fear. With a team of specialist consultants available around the clock to help prevent and resolve all your employment issues professionally! Giving you practical advice, support with only the necessary Employment Law Compliant documentation ensuring that policies and procedures are in line with current legislation. Employment issues arising in the workplace can be complicated. Getting it wrong can cause unwanted stress and anxiety, least of all ultimately a costly outcome.

Employers usually try to resolve problems with advice from either Solicitors, Accountants or publications, this can be costly as well as leading to employers being wrongly advised.

The most common problems arise when inadequate services are in place.

Other problems are:

> Insurance policies that do not pay out, due to misleading procedures.
> Bombard you with paperwork and legislation that is confusing.
> Call centre, hot lines where problems can not be solved.

ERAS however, offer a face to face service.

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